Established in 2011, the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) is an independently funded and managed institute that aims to build capacity among members and staff of the Cambodian Parliament. It is strictly impartial and tailors its activities to the needs of the Parliament. PIC’s mandate is first to contribute to strengthen the Cambodian legislature by developing the skills of MPs and parliamentary staff, and second to share its experiences with other Parliaments in the region that have a relatively similar level of development as an element of South-South cooperation. To achieve its objective of building parliamentary capacity, especially that of parliamentary staff, PIC draws on the expertise of national, regional and international partners, including parliamentary organizations and academic institutions, and seeks to promote regional cooperation by sharing knowledge and experience.


The roles of the Outreach Section are to:

  • Provide technical support in the dissemination of PIC’s research products to parliaments;
  • Provide technical guidance on outreach activities requested by parliaments in relation to their representation, legislation and oversight roles in order to help improve constituent relations;
  • Facilitate the outreach activities that PIC supports; and,
  • Advice and support parliaments and parliamentary staff on communications (through any media) on issues related to PIC research products and outreach activities.


The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) is looking for a graphic design instructor to design and deliver customized training and coaching for targeted parliamentary staff. The main purpose of the training is to provide the trainees with the knowledge on how to conceptualize the design in an effective and creative way and apply it to the practical design and layout of the portfolio of materials to reach its various targeted groups. The specific objectives of the graphic design training and coaching are:

Level 1: The targeted staff should be able to:
  • Understand the basic theory, principles and concepts of graphic design
  • Engage in Ideation
  • Map out the design process and techniques
  • Use colours, shapes, images in creating an effective design layout
  • Understand the translation of information into infographics so that the targeted group can easily understand the subject matter
  • Update their skills in the use of modern technology for production
Level 2: The targeted staff should be able to
  • Apply their knowledge in the practice of producing leaflets or brochures and other appropriate material on work/processes/mechanisms for different targeted groups
  • To apply their knowledge of the publishing process in the use of up to date digital technology


This position calls for a highly experienced graphic design instructor for multifaceted media. The instructor will work to develop the graphic design training curriculum, course syllabus and training materials and then to deliver the training to groups of approximately 12 staff. He or she will need to provide coaching to the trainee team, to guide and assist them to design   informational products for their respective institutions.

The primary focus of the content of the training is on the building an in-depth foundation on design concept, the improvement of layout skills, and knowledge of up to date technology of production processes in order to improve the standard of the communication materials of the parliament and institution.


The core tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitute the graphic design training job description are listed below:

  • Develop a customized course on graphic design with input from the PIC Outreach team composed of both theory and practice (e.g., practical exercises)
  • Develop training curriculum, course syllabus and materials
  • Deliver the training and coaching to trainees according to an established schedule with support from PIC Outreach team
  • Ensure the appropriate use of pedagogical approaches (e.g., student – centred approach) in the training and coaching
  • Recommend resources, technology and strategies that support ongoing learning and effective design and production of communication materials that trainees’ can use at their offices
  • Implement the training and coaching sessions as planned
  • Produce regular training progress reports and final reports
  • Support the designing of PIC’s marketing materials
  • Deliver any others tasks in relation to the Instructor’s field of expertise requested by the Executive Director.


  • Bachelors’ degree (or above) in graphic design
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience in various stages of graphic design from the initial idea to redefining the idea(s) into a concept and presenting it to the clients.
  • At least two years of experience in developing and providing graphic design training for multimedia products including advanced applications of computer design software
  • Excellent oral and written Khmer and English skills.
  • Well-developed understanding of the context of parliamentary support for, and a strong knowledge of, the political dynamics of targeted legislatures, with a proven ability to work in politically sensitive environments and operate in a neutral, non-partisan manner.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience of functioning effectively in a team environment.


The PIC proposes an initial contract of 4 months from 1 September 2020, extendable.


Approximately 12 parliamentary staff from the information departments of the Senate and the National Assembly of Cambodia


Applicants have to submit a letter of motivation in English or Khmer containing a brief outline of their technical and training experience along with a CVs no later than 14 August, 2020, 5:00PM to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line: The Graphic Design Instructor

  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply
  • Selected candidates will be called for interview the following week.


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